Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the world from a second story window

When Margaret first told me that she and Steve were going to move her office upstairs, I was a little concerned. You see, teddy bears do not always handle changes very well and this change would mean I might not see Margaret so much as I am accustomed. For one thing, she has made a decision to spend less time at her computer, which means I have seen a little less of her than usual. We still spend what she calls "quality time" together and that is enough for this old bear; she is happy and that is all that matters to me.

Well, as it turns out, the change has been a very good thing. From where I sit now, I see the world through a second story window--a thing I have never done--and the things I see now are wonderful! I have never seen the top of a tree before and can look out over the tops of several now; they are beautiful! I have seen birds land in the trees' branches and take off again, and wonder how it must feel to be able to fly as they do! I must remember to ask Margaret how they do that. 

I have enjoyed sitting in my little patch of sunlight on Margaret's desk when her office was downstairs, but my patch of sunlight is now considerably bigger and lasts a little longer now because the sun shines in through two windows instead of one! My little brotherbear Muddy is a little afraid of high places and has not yet joined me on the window sill, but I think that after he has seen me sitting there, looking out over the treetops, he will see how much I enjoy it and he will come to enjoy it, too. That is my hope, anyway. 

Another wonderful thing I can see from my new window is the playground across the way. It is a very nice place and children seem to enjoy going there to play late in the afternoon. I find myself remembering when Margaret was a little girl and how much fun she might have had at the playground she enjoyed back them. I was never taken there; perhaps she will tell me about those days if I ask her. 

The leaves are changing colors again because it is autumn and the sunlight shining through them is a beautiful thing to see! There are so many kinds of yellow and gold, and Margaret has told me there may be some red, too, later on. I look forward to seeing that.

I see that Muddy has turned toward the window and it appears he may be curious about looking outside. He is a little slower in his thinking and it may take him a little longer to decide if he is ready to join me on the window sill. I will not say anything to him about it, apart from telling him how beautiful all the yellows and golds are. I know my little brotherbear, how curious he is about everything, and think he will join me here soon. I hope so, because the view from a second story window in the late morning sunshine is a thing everyone should see at least once.


Muddy has on paw on the window sill...

This is going to be a wonderful day now.

I just know it.