Sunday, September 26, 2010

befuddling times and better times for my friend Margaret

Human beings are peculiar sometimes; I do not think I shall ever understand why they make things so complicated for themselves. Perhaps I should explain.

My human being, Margaret, is a good person, but sometimes she takes herself too seriously. Apparently this is something that a lot of humans do, and they continue to do it until they figure out that they simply aren't enjoying life very much. I am happy to write that she has finally figured that out for herself and is smiling again. For the past while she was getting those little lines between her eyebrows that let me know she is thinking very far-away, difficult things. At times like those, a teddy knows he must watch over his human being very closely. That is why I have not written anything for awhile. 

Margaret is smart, but sometimes she is not very sensible and she is the first to admit it. I have seen how she immerses herself in whatever she does--as many human beings do--but forgets there are other things she should think about, too: friends, enjoying a sunny day, singing and dancing (I enjoy it most when Margaret dances to music in the living room...she is like the little girl I knew all those years ago, smiling and carefree). We had a conversation in which I pointed out to her that she seemed sad all the time and there were so many reasons why that should not be so. When I asked her what some of the good things in her life were, she frowned for a moment, then thought for a moment, and came up with a lot of grand reasons for smiling.

She knows that sometimes the more sensible thing to do when life seems difficult is to not get all befuddled by it. Sometimes human beings must remember that difficult times are usually not around for very long, that bad times usually turn back into better ones... 

...and sometimes it just takes a scruffy old bear to remind them.

Now, since Margaret seems to be on the mend again, I shall settle down for a nice long nap.

I think I have earned it.


  1. Oh sweet Teddy you must still be on watch. I know it's tiring and difficult for an older bear, but a human on the mend needs even more encouragement!
    If you can relax with one eye open you will notice Margaret slipping sometimes. This is where you can tell her you love her then do a silly dance and make her smile. Turn on some rock'n roll, and she may dance for YOU!

  2. Thank you for your good advice, Toodie. I think that you must be a bit of a teddy bear yourself!

    When I mentioned the dancing thing to her as you suggested, she said something about doing "the mashed potatoes". It is a dance, she tells me...

    ...she will have to explain more about that to me, I think; she told me that we would dance it together!

    I am very befuddled.