Thursday, January 13, 2011

looking out the window and thinking...

This is the view from the upstairs window in front of Margaret's desk. Not all that long ago it was from this windowsill that Muddybear and I looked out and down upon the earth below,  watching as squirrels, birds, children, and other living things enjoyed warmer, sunnier days.

I miss the green grass today, although the snow is pretty--especially when it is new-fallen. I have never played in snow, so I do not know how it feels. It looks like it must be soft and fluffy, like feathers, and because the air is very cold when there is snow on the ground, I imagine that it must not feel very comfortable. Margaret has told me that when it gets warm, it turns back into water, so I imagine that when it becomes cold and wet, it is not such a wonderful thing.

The sky is a little bit blue with a lot of puffy clouds scattered all over it; to me, it is beautiful, but Margaret has said she wishes there were more sky and less clouds. She oftentimes says things like that, but I have learned that human beings often long for more of those things they like best--like blue skies--no matter how much they have. If I might have more of something I like best, it would be time to think and just look out this window. Still, my work as Margaret's teddy is a wonderful thing; it keeps me busy enough and I learn a lot from her (she has told me that she learns a lot from me, too), and she encourages me to spend as much time as I wish learning about things about which I am curious--which is just about everything.

As I watch over Margaret, I see and learn about about the everyday parts of her days and wonder how much of her life is like that of other human beings. We often visit about things which concern her, and she is always happy to visit about the things which befuddle and concern me. I am always amazed that she is often as befuddled about things as I am; I used to think human beings understood everything.

As time passes and I watch how Margaret changes, I feel happysad for her and the other human beings I have come to know: there is so much life to live, and it appears there is so little time for humans to experience everything. Margaret understands this and has told me she will make certain I get to experience a lot of new things as long as we have time together. For example,  we are going to make a little seat for me for the motorcycle so that I may ride with her and Steve this summer. I am very excited about that, and the prospect of going camping with them is a thing I know I shall enjoy.

Another thing Margaret has discussed with me is making some Youtube videos with me, and Steve will get to help. They have both asked me for suggestions--I have made a lot of them--and I am happy to feel included. That is always a good thing, I think.

I just noticed that the blue of the sky has opened up a lot more and the white clouds are leaving; this is going to make Margaret very happy.

Telling her about it will make me even happier!


  1. Well, Scruf! I am so happy to see you post! I have to tell you that when you mentioned that the snow looked fluffy like 'feathers', Sam & Lucy perked up out of a sound sleep! Feathers you say! Yummm, a snack!
    I think your idea of being on film for all to see is great -- do it! And enjoy your new seat to be on the motorcycle, too. Camping? Oh, it's been sooooo long.
    Scruf, Sam & Lucy have told me to tell you that they have a blog page as of last night. It's not finished yet, but it's there. Go see them if you get a minute:

  2. Oh Scruffy you are so delightful and inquisitive. Being a bear that's a good thing. Margaret is so lucky to have a friend like you. I'll bet she will make you a biker bear jacket ;-)

  3. What fun you will have on the cycle and camping. You will see so many new things. You are a very observant teddy and Margaret has a wonderful friend in you.

  4. Hi, Scruffy. Please tell your mom, Marge to go over to my page and scoop up that Stylish Blogger Award for YOU, too, ok? No need to do a blog, just post the award somewhere on your page, you sweet little bear you :D

  5. Dear Teddy,

    The Princess and I hope you and Marg will be able to attend some of the festivities surrounding Princess Coco's adoption this weekend. The Admiral and Queen Miss Catt are on their way.

    PM Neora Warmlapp

  6. Dear Teddy, this is for Marge............
    MARGE~ I miss you! Toodie-Nancy left a note on her page for me that you and Paul and she are all on Facebook. Darn it, I don't do Facebook or Twitter or any of those. Shoot, I haven't even blogged in 3 yrs but I missed you all so much that I came back to run through some of the old crowd's pages and wowwwww, so many have left that I can hardly believe it. If nothing else, I wish you'd make a post here since your other page is completely gone. Come on, do it....please?